Mrs Fancy

The day dawned sunny and hot (as every other day in Vegas) with a bit of a wind blowing.

Rasmus and I were staying with the mother-of-the-bride Jeannine who was organising all the food for the park wedding. Rasmus and I had volunteered as cooks, carriers, general dogsbodies for the day so got up early, consumed a few cups of coffee to get us going and dived straight in, Rasmus helping step-dad Andy to take a whole lot of tables over to the park…

and I started icing about 130 cupcakes… 🙂

A few hours later Rasmus and Andy rejoined us (via a sneeky diversion to Big Dog to sample the cheese curds and house-beer) and my hand was beginning to cramp from icing. Jeannine had bought all the ingredients for sandwiches for everyone so with our love of efficiency and order, Rasmus and I quickly organised a sandwich making assembly line.

Jeannine said it was the best sandwich assembly line she’d ever worked on!

Somewhere mid-afternoon, Jeannine and her girls went off to buy dresses for the wedding (I know, I know, don’t even get me started on how last minute that was, I am still in shock) and Rasmus and I took a dip in the pool in the back garden before getting dressed up.

Fancy and Maurice were getting married in a small park in suburban Las Vegas, where some of her bridesmaids and ushers had been setting up all day. Unfortunately the wind was causing havoc to the decorations when we arrived to help with any last minute panics but a roll of tape and box of pins and me being rather bossy to a few complete strangers (sweet kind helpful guests!) ensured that everything would stay in place at least until Fancy got down the aisle, which seemed a good enough deal!

Then the groom and bride arrived…

and were married!!!

The rest of the celebration was lovely. A lot of old friends from UCSB to catch up with (and a few funny small-world connections discovered), many strange American wedding traditions to watch (money dance anyone?!), and some great food to eat – wow, we really had a good sandwich production unit 🙂

and cupcakes iced to perfection…!

All in all, a really wonderful celebration of love and friendship and God’s goodness.