My top 3 Luxembourg cafes for working in

Let me tell you something: being an extrovert and working from home are not natural companions.

I get my energy from being around other people, and that goes as much for with my baby business as it does in every other part of my life. I love brainstorming ideas with other people, I love being surrounded by a buzz of energy when I work. Far from being distracted by being in a room full of people, my best work actually happens there.

Good music works for a while, but if I have a whole day sitting at this little turquoise desk in our flat, without seeing or talking to anyone else? By the time Rasmus walks back in the door at the end of the day I’m a social-starved mess, desperate to tell him everything before he’s even got his shoes off!

So what do I do? I try and plan lunch dates and quick coffee catch-ups throughout my week to keep me motivated and energised. I chat on gmail with Rasmus a few times during the day if I have no other human contact planned. I skype with friends back in Brussels and elsewhere. Far from being a time waster, I actually become more productive and more motivated to work hard after these social moments. That’s just how I function.

And the other big help? Cafes with free wireless and excellent coffee!

So in case anyone else in the fair city is in the same position, and desperately needs to get out of the house, here are my current top three cafes in Luxembourg for working in (or meeting clients or friends too…)

My Top Three Cafes in Luxembourg

ONE. Konrad Cafe, at 7 Rue du Nord, in the oldest part of the city.
Konrad cafe is my favourite. If someone suggests we meet there I get a little over excited. They have awesome vintage sofas and armchairs that I am figuring out how to walk out with, the friendliest (English speaking) staff I have yet to come across, and the most amazingly delicious carrot cake that will ever pass your lips.

TWO. Coffee Lounge, at 28, rue de la Poste.
Coffee Lounge is situated in a narrow building conveniently around the corner from where Rasmus and I study French two mornings a week (we often need a coffee afterwards…) They have just a handful of tables on each teeny tiny floor, and the longest list of coffee options I’ve seen in the city. I’m most likely to be there in the morning, when they’re bagels with scrambled egg really hit the spot.

THREE. Independent Cafe, at 6, boulevard Roosevelt.
The thing I love about Independent cafe is their earth-friendly approach: they use bio ingredients and red label meat in all their meal options. They have big tables by the windows which are fun for watching people go by. And you usually get a mini muffin with your coffee! The one downside is that this a smoking cafe, except for two hours at lunch time, but it’s also big enough that I can usually find a table far enough from any smokers that it doesn’t matter too much.

So those are my top three but since I’ve only been here five months and variety is the spice of life and all that, I am always on the look out for new choices… let me know if I missed your favourite!