new shoes

Shoe shopping is a nightmare for me. I really hate it. Partly because I have big feet (in proportion of course – I don’t look like Sideshow Bob, I am pretty tall) and the shop assistants have actually been know to raise their eyebrows when I request my size. Um, hello, I know lots of people with my size, I cannot be the first one your have encountered in your career!

So when I find shoes that I like I tend to wear them continually until they actually drop off my feet or friends start to beg me to throw them out.

I went shopping yesterday afternoon becase my mum has told me I have a wedding shoe purchase deadline of 29th August. I did buy a pair of flats that are purple (oops, just gave away the colour scheme 🙂 and were in the sale but this morning decided they weren’t nice enough to be wedding shoes. So I wore them to work.

And now my heels HURT.

What is it about new shoes that they always wrip your feet to shreds? WHY? Surely shoe manufacturers have been doing this long enough that they could have worked out how to make them so that this doesn’t happen?

Ok, rant over. Thank you for listening.