The shouts of complaint at my blogging silence are becoming louder and louder. This week is the first in about a month that I have had not been travelling somewhere… back to the UK for the wedding, to Stockholm for the European Development Days, to the UK again for the general assembly of the NGO I work for…

It has been so so wonderful to be HOME this week, enjoying being married, cooking and baking, catching up with all the friends I temporarily abandoned during the month of craziness that was October.

Oh November, you are so very very welcome, despite the cold wet days you have brought with you!

I have been meaning to post here all week and have a camera full of photos to show you. But my brain has apparently turned to cotton wool and I never seem to have all the electrical cords and inspiration I need to put my photos up and then write something.

But tonight I have no plans all evening except possibly curling up under the beautiful crocheted blanket my wonderful friend Ellie made for us as a wedding gift, with a glass of wine and the last of the chocolate aztec cookies I made on Tuesday. I can take my computer with me and my wine though, so look forward to much more activity here. (now that I’ve written that here I have to follow through!)

In the meantime, this crossed my path this morning and I am in love. Rasmus already has a black leather beanbag by the couch – this would be the perfect “hers” to sit next to “his”, oui? (click on the picture to go to the shop website)