on corks

Rasmus and I have saved most of the corks from bottles of wine we’ve opened since we got married. 22 months of drinking wine adds up to quite a lot of corks. Until now they’ve been sitting in bowls and vases around the house. But today I went searching for some creative ideas beyond the usual pot holders for how to use them when we get back home again… vote for your favourite in the comments! (please don’t pick the chair… 😉

From top to bottom: cork place holders from a lavish affair, cork monograms from Re-nest, heart artwork from lovely morning, cork bath mat from Crafty Nest, cork armchair from Aaron Kramer’s flickr, cork stamp craft idea from (who else?) Martha Stewart, cork kitchen backsplash uploaded in the comments of this post on Houzz, cork wine glass charms from griggworks‘ etsy shop, cork Christmas trees from 4eyesandears‘ etsy shop, cork candle holder from two twenty one, cork notice board from young house love, cork wall art from an Anthropologie store, photo taken by life love larson.