On moving and heatwaves and chicken pox.


It’s been quiet around here, I know. We are up to our eyes in boxes and vacuum-pack bags and trying to manage the toddler not adding her toys to every box before we tape it up.

In the last few month we’ve celebrated Kaya’s first birthday, endured a mega heatwave (and still have temperatures higher than this Scottish-blooded woman can really cope with) and then Kaya got chicken pox two days before she was scheduled to get the vaccine for it. Oh well. She did so well. Was sad and grumpy for a few days but only light fever and we seemed to prevent too much spot-scratching.

She is at such a fun phase. She understands so much now of what we say to her. Will run to the kitchen if we mention food or milk, points at the door if I say we’re going out, and gets incredibly excited and focused every time the doorbell rings. She is dancing (and Rasmus is teaching her to head bang which is the cutest thing). We taught her to high five and she’s still obsessed with tummy buttons. She’s also got a stubborn streak and acts like it is the end of the world if we tell her no. But seriously, she’s awesome. You should all hang out with her.

I’ve started editing with SheLoves again, which I’m really happy about. It’s been about a year since I stopped when Kaya was born, so it’s so nice to be involved again and hearing all the wonderful plans there.

It’s eight days until Rasmus picks up the big van and starts loading everything on to it. Before then, we have a huge amount to sell/give away, I have my last sermon to preach, a leaving party to throw and a thousand other little tasks and things to remember to do.

I’m a little in denial that we’re actually moving. I seem to have effectively compartmentalised everything so that the packing part has nothing to do with the leaving part, which I am totally not ready for. The sucky thing about leaving in the summer is that so many people are away on holiday, so I’ve already had people come and say goodbye and I’ve thought, “what?! wait! I don’t have my speech prepared! I am SO NOT READY.”

But I guess life happens whether you are ready or not. And I have a suspicion I am more prepared than I realise. This too will be ok.