on six months

Today we have lived in Luxembourg for six months.

Six months ago we were worriedly watching our furniture be carted up to our third floor flat on a small wobbly lift, trying to unpack faster than the moving men brought more boxes in, and eating kebabs from the shop on the corner for lunch.

Six Months Photo Montage

Six months ago we were feeling full of hope and promise for our new home. Also full of nerves and worry (mostly me). And still with that tender raw feeling that came when we closed the door for the last time at our flat in Brussels.

The last six months have been full of happiness and also sadness. They’ve been scary and easy. They’ve been exciting and overwhelming. They’ve been lonely and they’ve been full of new friends.

There’s been meeting new friends, registering at the commune, figuring out the recycling, finding the good running routes, choosing a church to attend, throwing a house warming party, buying new furniture, attempting to grow chillis and tomatoes on our balcony, watching sunrises and sunsets, buying a car, launching a business, visiting notaries and accountants and financial advisers, holidays in Scotland and Denmark and the UK, introducing the new blog design, having friends over for dinner and lunch and coffee, going to networking events, discovering great Indian, Chinese and Italian restaurants.

Six Months Photo Montage

There have been tears and lots of laughter.

It has felt like an age. And it has gone by in a flash.

I am so very grateful for so many things. This has not been an easy six months. But it’s also been a great six months. We’ve both learned so much, experienced so much, and we’re not blind to how many blessings shower down on us every day.

In another six months we’ll have been here a year, and that feels a little crazy. But if they are as full of life and love as the last six months have been, I will have no complaints.

Happy six months day to us!