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May 8, 2012

Ordinary Acts Thomas Moore Quote

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  • Yes, this so much. Yesterday I was at home, feeling not so well (oh this weather), but I wanted to surprise the hubby before he came home, so I made two mini apple crumbles mainly so that when he came home he would smell the apples baking .
    It really is special when you can make someone happy with simple things.
    Also your cup and saucer is supper pretty

    • fionalynne

      Ooh, I haven’t eaten apple crumble in so long! Hope you’re feeling better today. (And the hubby is a lucky man!)
      The teacup was a gift from two wonderful friends before I got married. I have two of them. They are Polish pottery, actually from a store in NL. I really want to visit – it’s been on my to do list for so long!

  • Juliana

    So true. The cup of tea, reading in a book before bed, a hug… the list goes on.

  • Have you read the book Home Comforts (by Cheryl Mendelson)? I have just begun it and am loving it. It is like a reference book for how to run a home (written by a lawyer). It’s super interesting and there is an idea that there is meaning to being connected to your home through how you invest in making it run well and be homey….

    • fionalynne

      I’ve not heard of it before but it sounds interesting! I definitely think your life can be quite dramatically effected by the state of your home life, in how it’s decorated, tidied, organised…

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