Our Brussels apartment

I joke to everyone that came to our flat in Brussels that it was the reason I married Rasmus 🙂 Of course, that’s not actually true but I do love that flat so much, and it’s hard to leave it behind.

It’s just a one bedroom apartment but it has a big open kitchen and living space with high ceilings. The floor is concrete (full of cracks because it wasn’t installed well, but hey, that adds to the character!) and the walls are white brick. It’s light and spacious and I really love it.

Since we got married and I moved in here, we’ve spent lots of time getting it just how we like it. We perused the flea market and antique shops for our dining table, the wine racks, the ladder. We used our wedding money to buy a new sofa and armchair. And we came up with the concept for the lamp over the dining table which Rasmus made. It’s the first home we created together and we have many happy memories here.

So since all our furniture has moved out and is moving in to our new place today, I thought I’d put up some photos of the place we’ve called home together for the last few years.