Preaching Gospel Love to Myself (and an announcement)

Preaching Gospel Love to Myself - Fiona Lynne

We talked about it from every angle, considered every possibility and scenario.

My husband had been offered a job in London and our plans to move were fully underway. Now I needed to decide what I would do there. It had been hard to find work that was a good fit in Luxembourg. The last year I’ve stayed home with our energetic and adorable toddler but that had only increased my desire for work. I was so eager to get back to doing something that felt right, something where I could use my God-given gifts. It was exciting and terrifying at the same time.

I’d had this sense, as we’d been waiting to see which doors might swing open as we pushed, that God was wooing me right there in my wanderings, in my wilderness. I was daring to voice some dormant dreams, to imagine some brand new ones, finding within me the courage to believe I could see some of them become a reality.

Then I discovered that I’m pregnant again.


I KNOW! BIG announcement and I just sneak it into my monthly she loves post?! He he…

The K-J family is due to expand in February. We are surprised and happy and overwhelmed and grateful. Go read the rest of the post to hear the story and then come back here and do some happy dancing with me.