preparing the table

Since Marissa was doing all the cooking for thanksgiving, I took my “hostess” duties very seriously and spent a good hour making the table look pretty.

We have so much purple from the wedding, in the form of leftover decorations and wedding gifts. So I decided the colour theme would be purple and white/cream.

I made a quick trip to the beautiful flower shop down the road for some roses and those other pretty wee things. The lovely vases were a wedding gift from Rasmus’ mormor (granny) and looked perfect!

The glass jars are the few left over once we finally got rid of the other 100+ we had collected from family and friends for the wedding decorations. I put some of the purple beads that we spent hours stringing the night before the wedding (I say we – I didn’t do any of it but we had a small army of family and friends in my parents living room stringing away) into the glass jars and put a tea candle in too.

Funny story – a few hours later I discovered the beads are actually plastic not glass, when one of them set on fire 🙂

Marissa laughed at me for colour coordinating the chairs with the plates and napkins… but hey, it would just not have looked quite as good if I’d put all the white chairs down one side.

Finally, I made name tags for everyone who came, using a stamp I found in the art shop when I was meant to be buying more supplies for the wedding thank you cards 🙂

I wrote the names on in silver pen and then added this verse from Matthew underneath, which I thought was very fitting considering how many countries we had represented around the table…

“Many will come from the east and the west and take their place at the feast in the kingdom of heaven”