right now

Pretty Peonies

Tomorrow Rasmus and I are off on holiday for a week. We go to Helsinki for two nights, and then on the ferry over to Estonia, where I’m coordinating a wedding on Saturday on the island of Muhu. Then we get a few days to explore Tallinn before we return to Luxembourg next week.

We’ve had a really rough week, following some heartbreaking news last Wednesday. I might share more once I feel up to it but for now I am just really looking forward to the break, for the space to rest and process and heal.

I have a couple of posts already written for this week while I’m gone but I might not have a chance to reply to comments for a while. I’ll be back next week, hopefully with tales of how wonderful Helsinki and Tallinn are (if you’ve been to either city, last minute tips are very welcome!).

Have a good week and wishing you peace and joy in whatever place you are in right now.