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love each day

reading… The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton, which I am enjoying and kept me distracted from the rolling ferry and my rolling stomach on our windy trip back from Bornholm.

I just finished reading The Summer Without Men by Siri Hustvedt, which I LOVED. I normally steer away from books that start with infidelity, but this was different. The narrator speaks to the reader all the way through which was such an interesting way of writing, and there were so many fascinating threads running through the book on ageing, on identity, on mental health. It’s a book that made me wish I was part of a book club so I had someone to discuss it with.

Also, I tore through the second book in The Hunger Games series in one day, staying up until after 1am to finish it while Rasmus slept beside me. SO GOOD. Now just need to get the third one…

watching… The Hobbit. We saw it in Copenhagen in 3D and I loved it! We both went in a little worried, because hello? One book into three films? How would that work? But actually the action moves along at a good pace and I loved the characters and seeing some of the back story of LOTR. Now I just need to go back and read the book – I haven’t since my dad read it to me as a little girl!

It seems to be the season of books-into-films. I’m hoping to see Life of Pi this week. And Cloud Atlas looks interesting too. Two books I never read, and I usually try to read them first, but I also miss going to the cinema more so maybe I’ll make some exceptions…

We got three dvd series for Christmas – Sherlock season one, and Downton Abbey season three from the UK, and Borgen season one from Denmark. So much to keep us occupied the next few months!

listening… well I am already so over Christmas music it’s not funny. When we got home yesterday, Muse seemed like the obvious antidote to all the cheesiness. But it’s a while since I discovered anything new so I’m looking for recommendations.

At the end of November we went to see Florence & the Machine in concert at the Rockhal. She is possibly the most bonkers lady I have ever seen but I am kinda in love with her.

eating… Christmas food galore. In Denmark that’s roast duck and marinated herring and caramelised potatoes and spiced pork sausage and rice pudding. A week of overeating and loving it. I made lebkuchen and gingersnaps for my inlaws (as if there weren’t enough sweets and cookies already!).

Now we’re home and I filled the shopping trolley with salad and vegetables and everything healthy yesterday. We had salmon quinoa burgers last night which were delicious.

enjoying… time to myself. It feels strange, because I’m definitely on the extrovert end of the scale, but after ten days of permanent company it’s quite nice to be alone in a quiet house, taking care of chores and errands. Of course, I’m already planning coffee catch ups with friends this afternoon…

thinking… about keeping the word BRAVE with me for 2013, since I think I need it still. But maybe I’ll add a second word – there are a few floating around my head, I’m just waiting for one to land.

wanting… to recreate this project in Luxembourg. A giant chalkboard where people write what they want to do before they die. I love projects that can both bring a community together, and challenge people to live a better life.


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