On Friday I watched Rasmus’ new table being delivered to his flat. This was not quite as boring as it sounds. The table is huuuuuge – can easily seat 10 – and not exactly light. Bringing it up the two flights of quite narrow stairs was not really an option. So…


Yes, that’s a big lift on a back of a lorry being manoeuvred into place (excuse the bad photo quality, I might not have remembered the point of having a flash button on a camera)


What is not hugely clear (because I was waaaay to nervous while the lift was actually moving to take a picture) is that only just over half of the table actually fits onto the lift. I had terrible visions of the whole thing slowly and dreadfully tipping up and crashing down onto the poor lift operator below.


Luckily they got it up and in the window ok. And then it was just a matter of carrying it to it’s new pride of place and kicking out the wobbly old fake wood table.


Why do the heavy work when you can manage the whole operation?!


Warning: be sure to stretch before lifting heavy objects.


Doesn’t it look good? And somehow this photo even makes it look smaller than it actually is. Cue some fantastic dinner parties.

p.s. Rasmus says he will teach me the valuable DIY skill of sanding soon…