Scottish weekend snapshot

Scotland Aberfeldy valley

Driving up my Grandpa’s driveway and feeling like coming home.
Being served aperitifs by my Grandpa before dinner each night.
Lying in in the morning and going down for breakfast in my pyjamas (not allowed when my Granny was around!)
Remembering without having to think, where the stairs are most creaky.
Watching the weather forecast each night with the TV volume turned right up.
Feeling pleasantly surprised that the rains seems to only be coming during the night.
Spending the evenings in companionable silence in front of the open fire.
Visiting the Aberfeldy distillery for a tour and a wee dram.
Enjoying our Fiat 500 hire car and only forgetting to drive on the left hand side twice.
Catching up with my cousin Allie.
Attempting to make our dinners as on-time and well planned as the legacy left to us by my mum and Auntie Ally.
Feeling oh-so-proud when Grandpa mentions three times that the pork tenderloin was good.
Listening to Grandpa tell us about the time he “discovered” a Corbett (mountain) and got his name published in a book because of it.
Looking through old photos of our family and thinking again that my Granny was so very beautiful as a young woman.
Saying the traditional grace before every meal and feeling grateful for this small thing that always stays the same.
Going for a walk along the River Tay at Aberfeldy and dreaming about the future with my favourite person.
Feeling equally happy and horrified to hear my Grandpa declare “if there’s still soup left, don’t worry, I’ll just add it to tomorrow’s batch”.
Linking up to wifi in my Grandpa’s house and declaring my belief in miracles again.
Wondering if I will ever be truly warm again in my life. Standing with my back to the oven while the potatoes cook in a desperate attempt to warm up.
Feeling very glad that we were here at the time all the hundreds of daffodils are out in the garden in all their glory.
Loving that it is still light at 9pm up here.
Looking forward to three more days of this peace and rest.

Scotland Aberfeldy Weem Bridge

Scotland Aberfeldy Weem Bridge

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