shrimp and mango curry

I made this on Friday night and it was yummy. Excuse the weird colour photo – it was kinda dark and I was hungry so wasn’t about to stop and play around with the lighting and settings!

Clearly if this was an actual food blog I’d have at least taken the time to wipe away the sauce drips… 🙂

The recipe comes from Nigella Lawson’s “Express” cook book. You can find the recipe here on her website, where apparently a lot of her recipes are up, I just discovered. Actually, I copied this down in the local library. I adore libraries but not being a French or Flemish speaker, the Brussels libraries were not so interesting to me, so I’m loving have regular access to one again.

It is conveniently just three minutes drive (although I still haven’t got used to driving everywhere) and is a brand new space, so light and airy and with big armchairs everywhere to sit and read in. I go there to study because it makes me a lot more self-disciplined to be studying there, despite the free wifi. Just the aura of libraries makes me feel more studious! And also it’s nice to get out the flat and see other human beings 🙂

I didn’t follow the recipe exactly (hmm, that sounds familiar…). I didn’t have any sweet potato, and I used greek yoghurt instead of coconut milk coz that’s what I had. And I forgot to add the mango despite having it sitting in a wee bowl next to the cooker and Rasmus actually reminding me to add it. So it got kinda swirled around in the sauce after it’d already been half served-up, but still tasted fine!

We ate all the prawns but there was sauce and butternut left over, so I’ve frozen it together with the rest of the rice, and that can be my lunch one day this week. I might even cook some chicken to add to it. I have now perfected my rice-cooking technique so that it comes out perfectly sticky and soft each time. I’m rather proud of myself 🙂