sinuses and other things

So it’s been a week since I last posted but there is a good reason.

I’m sick.

Actually, when I say it out loud it sounds more like “I’m thick”. Which some people might argue is still pretty accurate.

I took last Thursday and Friday off work in an effort to banish the evil bug that had invaded my body and set about pillaging and looting it’s way through nearly every body part (that’s about what it felt like).

This “effort” involved watching a lot of cheesy romantic comedies, reading some of my current favourite book “An Utterly Impartial History of Britain: (or 2000 years of upper class idiots in charge)” whenever I had the mental energy, and drinking litres of lemsip (until mum told me off for overdosing).

By the weekend I was mostly better but the last remnant of the Bug’s army are proving mighty resilient to all the drugs I throw at them. So we come to now, where I am pondering a deeply significant question:

What the heck are sinuses for, anyhow?

Answers on a postcard, please.