I really love to speak and teach on the subjects I’m passionate about. Story telling and public speaking are wonderful ways to connect people to ideas, to each other, and to the Divine.

My approach is warm, participatory, and takes into account that we all learn in different ways (through listening, seeing, moving).

If you’re interested in engaging me as a speaker at your church, women’s event, or workshop, please get in touch and I’ll be happy to talk with you about your ideas.




I speak on a whole range of topics. Here are a few things I’m most passionate about, but feel free to suggest any other idea you think would be a good fit:

  • Finding the Sacred in the Ordinary.
  • Alternative Spiritual Practices – how almost anything can become a practice that brings you closer to God.
  • Spiritual Journeys – how understanding your past and your present relationship with God can help you move forward.
  • Women and the Church – women in the Bible; being a Jesus Feminist; the feminine nature of the Divine; women in leadership.
  • Preaching – I am happy slot into the pre-planned schedule of preaching at your church, or preach on a particular topic.


Fiona Koefoed-Jespersen Speaking Feb 2017


I’ve taught and facilitated events and retreats for churches, including Women’s Retreats, All Church Retreats, women’s prayer breakfasts, and one day workshops on topics such as spiritual practices, and mindfulness. In my professional work, I’ve lead day-long workshops for NGO directors and staff on themes such as child rights, disability in development, and advocacy tools. I’m comfortable speaking in multiple contexts and levels.


It was a huge joy to regularly preach at our church, All Nations Church of Luxembourg, during the four years we lived there. They are an international community of believers from over 40 nations and multiple church and faith backgrounds. You can listen to some of my sermons as podcasts by clicking on any of the links below.

Showing Up – Experiencing Resurrection. John 20:1-18. April 12th 2015

Laying Aside the Facade. (“Giving Up to Embrace” Lent series) Matthew 23:23-28, 37-39. March 15th 2015

New Year’s Resolution. 2 Corinthians 5:14-21. December 28th 2014

Palm Sunday. Luke 19:28-44. April 13th 2014

Starting the New Year Right: The Way of Epiphany. Matthew 2:1-12. January 29th 2014.

The Mustard Seed (Part of the “God, Through the Eyes of Jesus” series). Luke 13:18-21 and 21:1-4. February 3rd 2013.


*Top photo taken by Rosie Titterington. Lower photo taken by Melaney G. Lyall.