I really love to speak and teach on the subjects I’m passionate about. If you’re interested in engaging me as a speaker at your church, event, or conference, please get in touch and I’ll be happy to talk with you about your ideas.

It was a huge joy to regularly preach at our church, All Nations Church of Luxembourg, during the four years we lived there. We are an international community of believers from over 40 nations and multiple church and faith backgrounds. You can listen to some of my sermons as podcasts by clicking on any of the links below.

I’ve also taught and facilitated a number of events and retreats for the church, including the Women’s Getaways, the All Church Retreats, and one day workshops on topics such as spiritual practices, and mindfulness.



Showing Up – Experiencing Resurrection. John 20:1-18. April 12th 2015

Laying Aside the Facade. (“Giving Up to Embrace” Lent series) Matthew 23:23-28, 37-39. March 15th 2015

New Year’s Resolution. 2 Corinthians 5:14-21. December 28th 2014

Palm Sunday. Luke 19:28-44. April 13th 2014

Starting the New Year Right: The Way of Epiphany. Matthew 2:1-12. January 29th 2014.

The Question of Doubt. John 20:19-29. November 10th 2013. (No podcast available).

The Mustard Seed (Part of the “God, Through the Eyes of Jesus” series). Luke 13:18-21 and 21:1-4. February 3rd 2013.

The Life of Abraham (1). Genesis 15:1-21. July 28th 2013.

The Life of Abraham (2). Genesis 18:16-33. August 4th 2013.