spring weekend

Crocuses in a Luxembourg Park

Chocolate House Luxembourg

Marissa and Jenna in Luxembourg

Fig Scones

It has been a really good week. Perhaps I shouldn’t be so quick to say that since it is also the first week in months that Rasmus was away on a work trip the whole week. But I promise the two have nothing to do with each other.

No, this was a good week because it included a visit from two fantastic friends from Brussels, a shopping trip to Trier, multiple coffee meet-ups and dinners with friends, my first contact about an event through my new event planning business website, fig scones, bright yellow flowers, tea in china tea cups, steadily warmer and sunnier weather that allowed me to work on the terrace each afternoon…

And later on today, first my man arrives home from Ireland, and then my mum, dad and my little sister arrive on a plane from the UK for the weekend.

I am a happy woman. Have a great weekend everyone!