Tartella love…

Can I distract you for just two minutes to tell you about a website I LOVE?

I first visited Tartella because one of the ladies behind it is a friend of a friend (hi Jodi) and so when someone says “oh my friend has this website you would love…” you go take a look out of loyalty as much as real interest.

But would you just look at the loveliness of Tartella’s products? They make letterpress recipe cards, gift tags, wine bags, napkins, printed tea towels… and all done with biodegradable and recyclable materials as much as possible. And did I mention how lovely they are?

The cuteness of the cake design!

and oh how delighful to have these napkins on your table for dinner

but it is the sweetpea design that has stolen my heart….

As soon as I actually have money to make a big order from the States, all of these lovelies will be mine! And if any of you didn’t get round to buying me a birthday present this year… 😉