Thankful Thursday – again

I like practising being thankful. I like how it makes me feel. It reminds me of everything I have to celebrate in my life instead of focusing on the negative. It helps me remain an optimist rather than a pessimist. It makes me braver. Because it’s very hard to be thankful and fearful at the same time…

If you want to join me, let me know what you’re most thankful for today in the comments.


I’m thankful again for new friends to have lunch with and to show me their favourite places in the city.

I’m thankful for an amazing craft store with all the material/paint/wool/beads/random crafty things my heart could desire!

I’m thankful for good pad thai noodles.

I’m thankful for a group of welcoming and open women to spend my morning with studying the bible and sharing life with.

I’m thankful for the good feeling that comes from mastering a new skill.

I’m thankful for small business owners who are passionate about their craft and will happily get excited with me about how awesome mid-century Danish furniture design is. #geekalert

I’m thankful that Luxembourgish people generally tend to be much less annoyed at my lack of Luxembourgish/French/German language skills than the Belgians were.

I’m thankful for a wonderful Valentine’s evening with my husband, just how we like it – no pomp, no fuss, just good food, good wine and good conversation.

I’m thankful for leftovers so I didn’t have to cook again tonight.

I’m thankful that the warming weather seems to be ushering in lots of new events in Luxembourg (my diary is filling up with concerts I want to go to, festivals we should visit, exhibitions that look fascinating…)

I’m thankful that I actually enjoyed my first visit to the gym in, um, about two years?

I’m thankful for the chance to help someone who needs it.

I’m thankful for a really engaging book to read (I’m half way through When God was a Rabbit by Sarah Winman)

I’m thankful for the excitement of looking forward to Rasmus’ parents coming to visit this weekend.

And this morning I am really really thankful for the generosity of so many people who gave money to the SheLoves Bubanza project so that women in Burkina Faso can get their ID cards and have their identity, their rights and their place recognised by the government. I’m thankful I get to be a part of that…