Thankful Tuesday

I am thankful for:

Hayfever meds that help stop the permanent sneezing and soothe my puffy eyes;

The chance to catch up with old friends in Brussels this past weekend;

Friends who send me encouraging notes in the post;

Networking events that go better than I ever expected;

A sweet almost-one-year-old who gives me cuddles and laughs at my games;

Skype calls with good friends;

Two chilli plants that are taking my command to “be fruitful” to the extreme;

A clean house after a marathon cleaning session last night;

The smell of clean laundry drying on the rack;

How natural is feels to speak Danish with Rasmus now;

A Mumford & Sons concert to look forward to at the weekend.

Sorry if it’s been a little quiet around here the last few weeks. My writing muse has gotten lost but I’m sure she’ll turn up again soon. Maybe she just needed a short break…