Thankful Tuesday

"As long as thanks is possible, then joy is always possible." - Ann Voskamp, via Fiona Lynne

(I typed this up yesterday afternoon and then didn’t have a chance to finish it before bed. But it’s never too late to be thankful, so here it is…)

I am thankful.

For a long lunch with a woman who encourages me and understands me and helps me understand myself.

For the chore of going to the gym three days a week and the feeling of already being stronger, healthier.

For a letter from my sister, the chance to imagine myself on her sofa eating cookies while we catch up, even though we’re far away.

For a visit from my two best friends from university. For long conversations, for important conversations, for friendships that survive long distance and infrequent visits.

For hot baths on cold nights, and the brilliant idea to put our old TV in the bathroom so I can watch How I met your Mother while I soak.

For a husband who spends his Saturday sorting out our tax and insurance payments while I’m enjoying a day out with my friends.

For our local Indian restaurant which just makes me happy.

For the grace to be able to be sincerely and truly overjoyed for the many pregnant friends I see growing large around me, even in this difficult month. For the realisation that a healing has been happening, even when I didn’t feel it.

For the glimpse today of tiny green shoots in a flower bed as the snow melted away, and that needed reminder that SPRING is on its way!

For an evening in a room full of enthusiastic volunteers who are keen to hear more about the new Serve the City project we’ve started in Luxembourg.

For sitcoms that make me laugh out loud and feeling my husband shaking with laughter next to me on the sofa.

For late night pizza from the petrol station that breaks all the healthy-diet rules but which tastes sooo good.

For milder days, even if that means all the beautiful snow has melted.

For joy that comes in the morning.