thanksgiving planning

Despite what my weird accent may occasionally suggest to people, I am not remotely American. I have lived there a short ten months while studying but that’s about as close as my association goes.

However, we are, for the second year running, hosting an American Thanksgiving at our flat!

This is again Marissa’s fault cause. Her apartment being a wee bit too small for the mass of people she nees to cook for if she is going to get rid of the giant turkey in her fridge, she’s taking over ours again for the day of celebration. Well, three days later really but we’re all still thankful because we get to eat all her wonderfully fattening delicious dishes again!

I am again responsible for desserts (yey for pecans, pumpkin and pie!) and for decoration. And the number of webpages I have bookmarked as inspiration is worryingly large.

Last year I made mini apple pies and mini pecan pies using my muffins tins. I think I may have made a large pumkin pie too. This year I’m thinking of going the pumpkin route again, but I found a recipe for pumpkin cream pie on Pioneer Woman’s blog that looks pretty much delicious. But her Nantucket cranberry pie also looks divine.

Then there’s the decoration. Last year we went with a purple&white theme – more wintery than autumny I know, but it was due to an incredible amount of purple plates, vases and bowls that we’d received at our wedding from family taking our purple invitations as their guide. This year our plate collection has turned white (purple is fun but honestly no food looks good on a purple plate. It’s a sad colour fact) so I have a bit more flexibility and am thinking I’ll honour Marissa’s love of all things orange by going the golden harvest route.

For those of you who haven’t yet dropped off, snoring gently at your desk, please send me all your autumn-themed desert ideas!