The Size of a Green Pea

The size of a green pea - on becoming pregnant again after a miscarriage // Fiona Lynne

We took a photo for the first time that Sunday afternoon, eight weeks ago. I’d always imagined I’d do a photo with the pregnancy test, like the many I’ve seen on Pinterest—the ones where nine months later that little piece of plastic is replaced with a baby. But the two tests I did were the cheap kind, flimsy little strips that are hardly photogenic.

So instead we took a photo of me holding a pea. Because my phone app told me that this week (week 6), our baby is the size of a pea. It seemed a little silly, picking the best-looking pea out of the handful of frozen peas my husband brought up from the freezer. Sitting with it in my palm as he snapped photos of me sitting cross-legged on the bed.

But this photo-taking was an act of faith, a statement of trust in the One who created and loves this little pea inside of me…


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