treading water

It’s been a bit of a rubbish week, to be honest. I’ve been battling this weird stomach bug thing, which makes me permanently hungry but also nauseous about 75% of the day. I’ve had a few setbacks and discouragements with the business. And it’s just generally felt like I’m only treading water – murky unpleasant waters at that – rather than swimming forwards.

But I’m so aware that my attitude to these things can make or break my week. If I let them, they can turn into a tidal wave that sweeps me under even while I’m trying to stay afloat. Or I can choose to lean back and float and let the current take me where it will.

So today, I’m linking up again with Micha’s “Thankful Tuesdays”, choosing to pick gratitude as my attitude rather than discouragement and defeatism. It’s easy said than done, but I learn anew every day that life’s journey is made up of a multitude of small steps, rather than big leaps forward. And each time I say thank you, each time I choose to acknowledge the blessing in a situation, well it’s a small shuffle in the right direction.

There’s a quote I discovered earlier this year, which says

courage does not roar

Today I am thankful for…

The smell of cauliflower roasting, and the excuse to make my favourite quiche for tomorrow’s women’s bible study brunch.

The refreshing rain that came at the weekend after weeks of heat.

The sun coming out again.

My chilli plants that have decided to bear me so many babies that every dish for the next two months will be spicy.

The chance to encourage a friend to pursue their business dreams, and the ability to be able to offer advice and support.

Friends who text me sweet thoughts when I’m battling nausea from my bed this morning.

The anticipation of a fun hen party this weekend for my July bride.

The whole chicken that my husband barbecued for us on Sunday that tasted And for a husband that likes to cook me wonderful things.

A wonderfully helpful lady at the chamber of commerce to answer my questions with patience and understanding.

A new sewing project to keep my hands busy in the evenings as we watch television, and the nice feeling that this slow gentle hand-piecing of a quilt is connecting me in a small way to both my mother and my mother-in-law.

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I’m linking up with Micha Boyett who writes over at Mama Monk, and who has opened up her regular Thankful Tuesday post to anyone else who wants to join in…