two months today

there’s a lot to catch you up on. my silence the last ten days was due to a big holiday to LEBANON!

Don’t worry, you’ll be hearing lots about that trip just as soon as I get all my hundreds of photos organised 😉 Lebanon was hot, fascinating, welcoming, delicious, scary, ancient, beautiful…

But before then I need to just draw your attention to another small, tiny, wee fact.

This time, in exactly two months, I will be married.


I mean, I knew it was getting close, but it feels so BIG to write that.

Two months!!!

Which means I onyl have two months to figure out how to pronounce my new surname correctly…

And just two months to sort out all the rest of the wedding plans, including, ahem, finding a venue for our party here in Brussels. Yes, that’s still not quite finalised. We’re working on it, trust me.

Just two months left of living in my gorgeous studio flat with the bright blue kitchen and neighbouring builders waking me up a stupid o clock every morning.

Just two months left of being célibataire (my most disliked French word!)

But really, despite the immensity of how big this is and how soon this is, I am wishing those two months away. Because in two months I’ll be married to the man of my dreams.

And I really can’t wait for that.