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Unsure Whispers in the Wind

May 22, 2014
Unsure Whispers - Fiona Lynne Koefoed-Jespersen

My favourite thing about our city flat is its south facing balcony. I love the expanse of sky you can see sitting out here. I love that you can see the distant line of woodland-topped hills beyond the edge of the city to the west. I love that in the winter the sun rises behind the little copse of trees in the east so that they look like they are on fire. I love that in the early autumn, the birds gather here in their thousands, circling and calling, before flying south for the winter.

There’s one thing I am less fond of though—the ugly apartment building opposite us. The tiny north facing balconies are empty and devoid of colour or interest—just the odd rubbish bin or pair of trainers to break up the monotony.

Except for one apartment. Here there is a bold flurry of colour and lines of flags—blue, white, red, green, yellow—dance in the breeze. Those flags stretch from one end of their little balcony to the other, covering the door, the window. They cheer me up every time I see them.

I don’t know these neighbours. I’ve never once seen them on the balcony and it’s a little too far for a shouted-conversation even if they did venture out.

But I know one thing about them – they are Tibetan Buddhists. And this is how they pray…


I’m over at She Loves Magazine today, talking about my struggle with prayer and what the Spirit is teaching me through a few colourful flags on an ugly balcony… Join me there?

Image credit: Daniel Parks, via She Loves.

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  • oddznns

    Hello Fiona —
    What a lovely post. Does it matter that we doubt? No. As Paul says … if we don’t know how to pray, the Spirit will help us. Just the opening, that’s all the Spirit needs.
    I have a Burmese temple chime. Each morning, I hit in 4 times in Jesus name – to open heart, eyes, ear and words to love, not just mine but all who hear and feel the bell.

    • fiona lynne

      “just the opening”. Yes! I like how you’ve appropriated the chime tradition into your own spiritual practise, that is beautiful. Thanks for being here!