go to bed well after midnight the night before after a lovely evening with good friends eating tapas

sleep in late

wander into main room looking for husband

both lie on the coach with your feet fighting for space, sharing the knitted blanket

watch the snow falling

comment that my husband looks very cute in his glasses

flick through an old edition of delicious magazine and mentally plan our dinner menu for the next month

cut out lots of hearts from old scraps of paper and hang them on our ladder

get very excited about heart garland and make husband laugh

bake lavender earl grey tea shortbread in pyjamas

start reading recipes online and forget shortbread is in the oven

be grumpy for five minutes until husband laughs at you again

make coffee cake

invite good friend around

eat the leftover icing with good friend while watching winter olympic athletes do impossible sports

finally have a shower and get dressed

church friends begin arriving early and the flat buzzes with noise

worship, prayer, discussion, friendship

wonderful pakistani friend cooks amazing dinner of qorma curry

house heats up and windows are opened despite snow still falling

friends slowly depart

back on sofa with husband

laugh uncontrollably at top gear winter olympics special, despite having seen it many times before

repeat favourite line over and over – “you’d be killed to death”

discover pretty woman is coming on

pretend not to be amazed that husband actually wants to watch chick flick

make popcorn

cry in film coz it’s so sad

cry in film coz it’s so happy

go to bed

all day: feel incredibly lucky to have amazing husband and wonderful friends to love and be loved by