Vegas baby!

The purpose of our holiday was to be present at the wedding ceremony for my good friend Fancy, to her fiancée Maurice. Fancy came all the way from Las Vegas where she lived at the time to our wedding last October so when she and Maurice got engaged in December, I just looked at Rasmus and said, “we’re going, right?”

We decided since we were going half way round the world, to make a proper trip of it so took two weeks off work and planned a packed schedule of places to visit and people to see…

And it all started here.

We spent our first two nights staying at the 5 star Trump Hotel just off the Strip (which ironically was the cheapest accommodation we had the entire trip!). We had an awesome view straight down the strip (because of the way it curves by Treasure Island) and our suite was on the 57th floor! I think I may have skipped when we walked in the room.

And can I just mention the bathroom? We had a JUCUZZI. And a huge walk in shower. To me, a big bathroom with a great bath is the sign of a great hotel 🙂

We spent our days in Vegas doing what every Vegas tourist does: taking hundreds of photos, watching the dancing fountains and exploding volcano, trying to figure out how on earth the slot machines work, eating some fantastic food, visiting the amazing M&Ms store, seeing Jay Leno do live stand up (so funny), doing the rides on top of the stratosphere and almost dying of fright, cruising the strip in our convertible (more on that is coming you can be sure) and generally revelling in a place that has no single ounce of reality.

Las Vegas’ fakeness is it’s attraction. Lose yourself in the entertainment capital and forget that anything else exists. But somehow three days is enough for anyone before you crave real life again. Which we were about to get in HUGE doses…