wedding: invites

I think there’s some rule that says people are meant to have their invitations to your wedding about two months before the wedding, particularly if they’re expected to travel for it.


Well, they’re going in the post today and the wedding (as my mum posted on her facebook page) is 47 days away. That’s almost two months. A month and a whole two weeks extra. Right? It counts.

Neither of us anticipated how loooong it takes to make around 100 invitations by hand. We even thought we’d come up with a relatively simple design without any of those ribbon-ey bits to tie up, or hand made stencils, or people’s names painstakingly calligraphed (is that a word) on each invite…

But it still took two looong days of measuring, cutting, translating (yes, they’re in Danish for the Danish folks), printing, more cutting, hole-punching, bruises caused by hole punching, more printing, more cutting, a run to the shop when we ran out of paper, aching backs caused by cutting, and glueing…

to get a pile of stuffed, addressed and stamped envelopes waiting for a trip to the post box.

If you’re getting one, you better appreciate it! Hold it up to the light, admire it’s remarkably aligned edges (not too closely, they’re not that aligned), note the wonderfully in colours (so not planned but aparently dark purple is the colour of the season) and then stick it up in pride of place on your fridge.

When I’m sure those who are getting one will have actually got it, I’ll post some pictures up here for y’all to see.

p.s. in other news, my daring bakers challenge is completed, come back on Thursday to see the slightly-less-than-perfect-but-lovely-nonetheless results.