What I did in Denmark #2

Went to church on Sunday morning in a ROUND church…

There are four of these round churches on Bornholm. Actually four out of the five in all of Denmark I believe, so the islanders are very proud of that fact. This one is called Ă˜sterlars and is the largest of the four.

As we were walking up the path to the church, Rasmus tells me that it’s not a dome inside, that there is a pillar in the middle of the church to hold it up.

That was kind of an undertsatement:

The wooden pews are all around the edge of the church, with room for three or four people in each pew. So depending on where you sit, you might just have to listen to the service rather than see it!

The whole thing was in Danish of course but I was told the sermon was very good – the preacher was a young man with a goatie beard which looked pretty much awesome as he stood in the pulpit wearing the quite elaborate robes that have these huge collars – they reminded me of pictures of old kings from my English history picture books as a child…