What I learnt this year

December dawn from our bedroom window

Creating “home” in a place doesn’t need to take years, or even months. With the right attitude and the right person, it can take weeks, or even just days.

I am not defined by having, or not having a job. There is so much more to who I am than how much money I am bringing in each month.

Our wine glasses do not fit comfortably into our new dishwasher and I should not try to force them (three down…)

Standing in your empty flat before you walk out the door for the last time will break your heart just a little bit. Take lots of photos before you go.

If I step out of my comfort zone and go to new places, walk into rooms full of people I don’t know, try something I’ve never done – wonderful things can happen.

Time differences suck when you are trying to maintain relationships across the globe. Discovering a hand written letter or card in the letterbox can bring instant joy; the thought on your friends’ face when you post one brings almost as much.

California does have the best climate in the whole world. Florida in July is in the running for having the worst.

I can get up at 7am and go for a 3km run. Two or three times a week. And it doesn’t kill me.

I have muscles I never knew existed. All thanks to a little thing called Pilates.

It is ok to feel contradictory emotions simultaneously. It just means I am human. I should not try to force myself to choose between them but just let them run their course.

Sunshine makes me absurdly and joyfully happy.

Wildly dancing around an empty room to my favourite songs also makes me absurdly happy.

Wildly dancing in the sunshine makes me fit to burst…

I am not as self-disciplined as I wish I was. And it’s effing hard to change because you need self-discipline to create good time management habits.

Making big life-changing decisions requires a lot of research and planning and discussing all the different options, but in the end you just have to step to the edge, hold hands and jump.

Living intentionally is important, valuing every moment, taking time to think about what I want my life to look like, be like, and then actively seeking to make every second count.

I love my husband more than I thought it possible to love one person.

My faith will change its shape and feel as life’s turns mould and imprint it. And it may feel unknown or scary. But it will be stronger and more beautiful for all the challenges and influences.

All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.