when God sits with you

rest in grief

A few days after I miscarried our first child at ten weeks, I woke early without planning to. Sleep alluded me and I could see the sky already lightening where I could glimpse it through the skylight, so I got out of bed without disturbing my tired husband and tiptoed down the stairs.

Grabbing a rug and my bible I headed for the balcony and pulled the blanket close around me as I sat and watched the sun grow lighter.

My bible lay unopened where I’d placed it on the table. I felt like I should pray but I didn’t know where to start, didn’t know how to begin to express the things of my heart, until recently so full of anticipation, now so full of grief. So I just sat and watched the swallows that always appear to welcome the new day swirl and somersault around the roofs…

I’m guest posting at SheLoves Magazine today, bringing my own thoughts on their monthly theme of REST. Will you follow me over there?