where is August going?

I am becoming one of those people who is always marvelling that time is just racing by. I’m not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. On the one side, time flies when you’re having fun, on the other side it can feel like you’re not fitting in everything you had planned. Although I guess I’ve been pretty busy.

In the last ten days I have

  • Made cheese scones twice – we have an absurd abundance of cheddar cheese to use up after my parent’s visit
  • Celebrated Rasmus’ mormor’s 90th birthday (maternal grandmother) with all six children, 13 of her grandchildren, 11 great grandchildren, two sisters, one brother and various other partners and hangers on (me). A very special “hyggelig” day.

  • Walked along the beach in the sunshine and wondered for the hundreth time why I don’t currently live by the sea (Jen, I can already hear you amen-ing)
  • Got absurdly excited at the buds and then the flowers that appeared on my chilli plants this week after I had given up hope of them ever attempting to produce fruit. It may still not happen but they have performed over and above expectation and for that I will always love them.
  • Had my first skype Danish lesson with a lovely Danish woman who lives in Florence. A little bizarre but actually worked very well. And feel like my Danish may finally be starting to come together – I managed proper basic conversation with my in laws this time.
  • Booked a six day November holiday to Morrocco, which has been a top-ten wish destination for the last five years. I am also absurdly excited at the thought of this trip.
  • Taught my weekly English class at the refuge centre on our street and enjoyed laughing at my Tibetan and Syrian ladies struggling to pronounce “driver”. Who’d have thought it’d be such a tricky word? (Don’t worry, they started laughing first – my lessons are always laughter-filled 🙂
  • Preached at church on a great passage from Joshua 4
  • Had a wonderful night of grilled food and conversation on my wonderful friend Marissa’s terrace when she finally returned from her summer in the US.