White Christmas

We are fickle people indeed.

Praying devoutly every autumn for a white Christmas and then moaning without cease as soon as the snow arrives. Still, this was one of the longest seasons I can remember when the snow never melted. From the week before Christmas all the way through till last week. Yes, I realise that most of Scandinavia and Canada are shaking their heads at us in shame right now, but it was a big deal for us start buying bottled water and candles at the first sign of a frost western Europeans.

And of course we were thoroughly unprepared which made it a month’s worth of walking like penguins to avoid slipping on the layers of treacherous ice on every pavement. And also meant I was very relieved when it melted last week.

Still. I look back at our photos from Christmas at my Grandpa’s in the heart of Scotland and kind of miss it…