I know, I know, I am getting lazy again with this here blog.

The honest truth is that my life is not full of interesting things to blog about. I mean there’s the wedding plans, but most of that is boring discussions about who still hasn’t rsvp-ed and where to buy purple napkins from. Actually, I love talking about those things, but it doesn’t make for a fascinating blog post I fear.

We’re also decorating and DIY-ing and day-dreaming about how to combine our two lives worth of stuff into Rasmus’ one storage-less loft flat. But then too, I’m not sure you’re so desperate to hear about the shelves we put up above the washing machine, right? Even though it was exciting for me. Sad, I know.

So what else have I been doing?

  • Reading The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jakobs and hoping Ellie or Hannah will re-remind me how to knit when I see them next month. Really ladies, we can have a wee knitting session at the wedding reception if you fancy?
  • Getting Rasmus to teach me how to cook steak (the last time I tried, my Grandpa had a blue steak for is dinner – good job it was quality local Scottish beef) and then making Pioneer Woman’s recipe for onion-blue cheese sauce to go with it. Oh help me, this was so delicious!
  • Scheduling into my diary “sleep in” last Sunday until lunch time and not letting any other plans muscle in on my beauty-sleep.
  • Wishing I was going to Malawi with my sweet friend Jodi and our pastor Carlton, but knowing that the not-really-explainable feeling that I shouldn’t go when the offer was open back in March, was God knowing just how crazy-busy-exciting this autumn was going to be…
  • Going to Amsterdam for two days for work meetings, and enjoying wandering the canals in the sunshine, and then enjoying even more when Rasmus also had meetings in Amsterdam and we got to sit next the canal and eat dinner and talk late into the evening. Love that city.
  • Fibbing to the make-up counter assistant just a wee bit at lunch today so that I could get the free make-over when I was feeling tired and in need of a boost. Hey, it was true I am getting married in a month, I just might wear make-up a little more often and more competently than I insinuated… 🙂