wedding: the venue, part 2

Today is the one month mark. In one months time I am getting married. That still sounds like such an immense sentence to speak outloud.One month. Thirty Days. 720 hours. 🙂

Remember when I told you in the middle of July that we hadn’t yet found a venue for our wedding party here in Brussels? And that I was a wee bit worried about that fact, since the wedding was less than three months away?

It took a whole other month to find the right venue. I was slowly going a little bit crazy. And imagining the hundred odd guests we were inviting turning up in Brussels and just kinda hanging around in Grand Place in their suits and high heels, coz we had never been able to find anywhere.

But the happy ending to this story is that we did find somewhere and I am somewhat excited about how cool it is going to be…

See this picture from the website? Doesn’t that look an awesome place to have a party?!

We compromised on location a little bit (De Met is in Vilvoorde which is just outside the Brussels ring and we would have loved to find something in our neighbourhood) but the manager is great, incredibly flexible with all our strange requests, and best of all we can have KRIEK on tap all night as part of the open bar!!

For those of you yet to come to Brussels and visit me, you are missing out on experiencing the wonder that is Kriek. Some might call it a “girl’s beer” but it’s cherry beery wonderfulness is beyond description…

I was chatting with a Belgian lady from church last night at a fundraiser and farewell to Jodi and Carlton before their Malawi trip, and she said, oh yes of course I know De Met, the food there is really good. To which my reaction was to sing the Hallelujah chorus.

On this inside.

It’s just nice to hear good reports about the place you’re about to throw the biggest party of your life to date.