the dress

My beautiful wedding dress is hanging up in the study in my parent’s home in Oxfordshire. I get to try it on again this Friday when I home for the day, so we can make a few teeny alterations.

It is probably a good thing I do not have it here at my flat in Belgium, because I would probably be trying it on every day and by the time the wedding gets here it would be grubby and creased…

But I do miss it. So I have the designer’s website in my favourites and *sometimes* go and sneak a look at my dress. Today I almost panicked because the new 2010 collection is up on the website and I couldn’t find my dress! But no worries, the picture is just there, the link’s just moved.

Can’t tell you which designer yet because I have already let slip enough details about the dress to Rasmus that he could probably go on the website and figure out which was my dress. Ooops! Have to keep something a surprise for the day.

p.s. this is not my dress, but how amazing, right?!