26 things to do before I turn 27…

I started writing this list the week before my 26th birthday. I was feeling like I was getting lazy, starting to lack focus. I’d get home from work and wonder what to do with my evenings. I wish for a lot of things and have so many ideas but then I forget them the next minute or don’t take the risk or effort to see them realised. So I wrote a list of 26 things I need to do in this year before I turn 27 next April.

Now I’m already over two months in the year and not a lot crossed out yet (some in process). So I’m posting this is a reminder to myself that these things are important to me and that doing them will make me a happier and more fulfilled person. The years seem to be flashing by a lot more quickly these days and I don’t want to blink and miss them.

Some of these are big things that will take quite some effort to do, but I tried to make them all achievable. Some are a bit vague coz I wasn’t sure how to measure the result, but I guess I will just know if I have achieved it.

I’ll maybe keep you updated every now and then on how it’s going 🙂

  1. Exercise twice a week at least
  2. Learn how to make sushi
  3. Start painting/crafting again
  4. Buy a sewing machine and learn how to use it
  5. Successfully grow something we can eat (update: my wee chilli plants are getting stronger and taller despite the almost complete lack of sunshine they have to photosynthesise with…)
  6. Have a party at the beach
  7. Find armchairs for our flat
  8. Finally go to that American diner in Brussels
  9. Get some wedding photos printed
  10. Finish watching the Godfather trilogy
  11. Learn to be more naturally tidy at home
  12. Visit the Ardennes
  13. Drink champagne on “normal” days, just to celebrate being happy
  14. Make Flødeboller (marshmallow puff things)
  15. Finish reading one book a month (very nearly done with Wolf Hall but I’m nervous about how the ending will be so I am procrastinating finishing by starting reading The Piano Teacher)
  16. Make a patchwork quilt
  17. Travel to a new country
  18. Spend a day in a spa with a friend(s)
  19. Get good enough at Danish to have a proper adult conversation with Rasmus
  20. Make ice cream
  21. Start painting/crafting regularly again
  22. Organise my bookmarked/cut out recipes and cook them
  23. Write at least one hand written letter every week
  24. Keep getting to know the women at the asylum centre on our street
  25. Have a picnic at Villers Abbey
  26. Keep writing my blog regularly… (been doing ok for about a month!)