shepherd’s pie with a twist…

We had this for dinner last night. Yes, I know it’s not meatless but we’ve been quite well behaved recently and I really wanted to make this!

That’s not my picture though, it’s the one from the BBC Good Food website. Because it was so yummy and we were so hungry that it literally got hoovered up before I even thought of taking a photo, with nothing left for seconds.

I basically followed the recipe except I was using a beef/pork mix of meat (that’s usually the only kind of minced meat you can find in our little local shop), only used sweet potatoes and I kinda guessed all the spices and added more chilli. And served it up with green beans.

This is yummy. A good shepherd’s pie can be delicious but can also be the most boring meal on earth. This way ensures it is an interesting meal. And using sweet potatoes instead of regular ones makes it an amazing orange colour, and who doesn’t love bright orange food?!