When I was in my final year of school, studying for A-levels and trying to figure out what I would “do” for the rest of my life (wow, that feels like such a long time ago, and I’ve still not figured out the answer!) I was deciding in my 17/18 year old mind between interior design and international development.

In  the end I decided to go with international development because in my naive small-world head, that way I could spend my life being a kind of Mother Theresa and helping people whereas I figured interior design was just helping rich people spend more money (I’m sorry – my world is a little less black and white now!)

So although I’m currently still pursuing the development road (not quite scaled Mother Theresa heights yet), I still have this insatiable appetite for all things beautiful and well designed. One of my favourite places to take visiting friends, or spend a day wandering with Rasmus, in the antique district  down the hill from the Palais de Justice and planning all the things I would buy, re-upholster, strip and re-paint, if only I had all the money in the world (and the skills 🙂

I also spend most of my procrastination moments scanning blogs like Design*Sponge, My Scandinavian Retreat, Apartment Therapy and decor8. And then consuming all of Rasmus’ Danish design magazines and buying a big pile of English ones on my rare trips back 🙂

For ages I have wanted a way to bookmark all my favourites. Right now I save all the images I love but it rapidly swallows up space on my poor old laptop and is pretty hard to organise or find anything.

Then yesterday I was doing my usual lunchtime scan of the design world websites and discovered a newish website called Pinterest, where you can create boards of all the beautiful lovely things you find and want to bookmark. All your boards are public so you can also check out what other people are looking at and find inspiration that way. And there’s a wee bookmark you can add to your toolbar and quickly “pin” any photo you find on your web crawls.

I officially love it! There’s only about four images on mine so far because even I can only procrastinate so long before the dull heaviness of guilt settles on my shoulders and I go back to what I’m supposed to be doing 🙂 But I plan to keep using it so if you want to see what I am inspired by, imagining for our home, or for a future home, or for your home maybe, then go and take a look!