a kind of ending

Today is a public holiday in Belgium, for All Saints Day. It’s also a significant day for us because it’s the single day between Rasmus’ old word contract and the new. Yesterday he had a Belgian contract, a Belgian phone number, a Belgian car. Tomorrow he’ll have a Luxumbourgish contract, phone, (rental) car…

This whole moving process seems amazingly surreal still, even though we’ve found an apartment to live in there, have given notice on all our contracts here, have invited everyone we know to our leaving party in a couple of weeks time. Today, therefore, is another step towards it become real in my mind.

We spent the morning together wandering around the city and getting noodles for lunch at one of our favourite little restaurants. we really do love Brussels. The cobbled streets that threaten to destroy your suspension (or your heels), the bizarre statues, memorials and murals hidden around corners, the simple but fantastic Belgian food, the many many good beers to choose from, the cafe culture, the multitude of nationalities, cultures and languages existing in one small capital.

It may not get the recognition of Paris or Amsterdam, but it’s a great place.

I’m working on my own farewell and thank you to Brussels in the form of my own “guide to the city”. It won’t be the ultimate to-see list for tourists and it won’t even be a list of the trendiest and coolest places to be seen. It’ll just be my own recommendations for places to enjoy the city just as it is… I’ll let you know more soon!