adding up

I get so excited when I get letters and cards in the post. And the last two days I have been super excited because there have been early birthday cards waiting for me in the mailbox when I got home from work both days. The first from my mum and dad, and the second from my Grandpa. No, I haven’t opened them yet, I’m a good girl who waits for her actual birthday to open things. But after nearly 27 years of birthday and Christmas cards, I know their handwriting 🙂

Rasmus and I were talking the other night about my list of 26 things to do before my 27th birthday. I have two days to go so am kinda assuming I won’t fit any more in. (Maybe… I have one idea for a last minute completion…) He asked me how many I could tick off as completed and we went through the list. On quite a few of them I said something along the lines of, “ok, so technically I haven’t done that, but I kinda half did it so I think that counts.” A statement that my husband apparently disagreed with 🙂

I’ll go through the list sometime this weekend and post a big finale list up here for you to see how close I came. But honestly, I am not too upset about the ones I didn’t manage. The list, if you recall, was meant to be a way to help me make the most out of every day, to remind me to spend time doing the things I love, so that I could look back on this year and be happy with what I had achieved.

So the fact that I think over half are either incomplete or partly complete doesn’t really bother me too much. Some will go straight onto next years list (yes! I’m doing it again!) and others will be forgotten. Because in addition to all those completions, I’ve done so many more things that I enjoyed, that I’m proud of. It’s about living a life that feels full. And this year I think I did that.