brunches and babies

We had a long weekend in Copenhagen last week, because Rasmus was going to be there for work anyway, so we just booked me a ticket to come with him.

I love this city so much. We have many friends and family here, and Rasmus’ parents and brothers even made the trip to the city on Sunday so we could all hang out.

The weekend can be defined in two words: brunch and babies.

First, brunch. Copenhagen has this marvellous tradition of sleeping late at the weekend and then heading for the nearest cafe for a huge plate of the best brunch you could imagine – fresh bread, fresh coffee, freshly squeezed orange juice, there’s scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage, there’s fresh fruit, cheese, hams and salamis, slices of homemade cake and cute jars of yoghurt with granola and honey… It truly is one of the best things about the city 🙂

Friday morning we headed straight to my favourite Lagkagehuset for a sweet breakfast roll and fresh coffee. I have documented quite extensively my love for this bakery, so I will not repeat myself again! Excuse how sleepy-eyed I am looking in this photo, it was an early, um, 10.30am?

Then after a couple of hours pottering around the city centre shops, exclaiming over the spring window displays in Illums Bolighus, and then deciding I was going to move in to the Hays store and live there happily surrounded by designer blankets and lightshades forever more, we went to The Royal Cafe for an overpriced but wonderfully cute lunch! This cafe is hidden between the Georg Jensen showroom and the Royal Copenhagen shop, so the overpriced part was to be expected. But the communal high marble tables, the fun chandeliers made of ribbons and lights and the adorableness of the smørbrod (it’s all miniature and they call it “smushi”!) made it all worthwhile.

Saturday morning we met up with Rasmus’ cousin Jesper and his wonderful wife and daughter and they took us to a cafe called Madmanifesten (mad means food) which did an amazing buffet brunch.

The joy was that you could go back again and again for as much fresh pineapple and black bread as you wanted! The cafe also had this children’s room which I would have happily played in for hours (Jesper’s sweet daughter did). Instead we chatted for hours and then went for a wander around the parks and got cappuccinos from the best coffee place in Denmark (apparently. they source and roast their own coffee. it was nice.)

Saturday evening we had an hour or so to kill before meeting some friends for tapas, so we wandered around the back streets in the city centre while Rasmus searched for a wine bar he’d been to a long time ago. We did eventually find it and it was worth the wandering to get to drink some good malbec wine with a plate of hams and cheeses (we weren’t so hungry by the time we got to dinner!) It was busy when we walked in so we sat on stools by the window watching the world go by.

Sunday morning we got brunch yet again at a sweet place called Amalie’s Kaffebar. We were there with Rasmus parents’ and brother, who’d all come across on the ferry from Bornholm to see us for the day, which was so nice. The cafe was in an old house with all the little rooms, comfy armchairs and fun artwork. We spent the afternoon at Rosenborg castle and then drinking beer and cider by Nyhavn.

So the brunches lived up to all expectations. And then there were the babies…

Enough said  🙂