Always new beginnings

Some days it can feel that my life has slowed way down since I became a mama. I expected it of course, and yet it’s a whole different thing to experience it. This week we are attempting potty training for the first time, which means we’re out and about even less than usual, enjoying simple tasks like colouring chalk on the garden path, making granola, building duplo towers and boats. It’s so lovely in many ways, but I still find myself yearning for a faster pace – my plans and ideas haven’t slowed down.

What wise friends keep reminding me, is that this is just another season in this journey of life, with its cycles and beginnings and endings.

This year, and one week after the autumn equinox, it strikes me that even as I experience the gradual turning away from the sun, someone far far south, is seeing the world around them begin to brighten again.

It’s always this way too. As parts of our lives slow down or go into hibernation, perhaps even die, other parts are stirring in the belly, being brought to life, rising up through the soil.

We sat on the bench outside the garden door this morning drinking our coffee and babycino, and Kaya pointed up at the tree. “Look, orange!” One large loan leaf bravely beginning to cycle through the wheel of fiery colours towards it’s dropping.

Letting go, even allowing something to end, can be a stunningly beautiful thing in the right season.

May I be a woman who always sees what is rising, notices what is beginning, as well as what is disappearing, and my I see the beauty in the letting go.