american diner

After my last post when I started to panic about how much I haven’t crossed off my list of 26 things yet (maybe you missed that – it might have come right after I pressed “publish” 🙂 life decided to be super nice to be me and give me a hand with the list.

I can now cross off number 8: Finally go to that American diner in Brussels. Finally is really the appropriate word here since it’s a whole 11 and a half months since I wrote that. But it was worth the wait…

Rasmus and I had visited another church on Sunday morning where I’d been invited to speak for a few minutes about my heart for the women asylum seekers I’ve been getting to know (another point on the list improving weekly) and we were driving home discussing what to do for lunch and he (wonderful man that he is) said “what about that diner place?”

YES! Fabulous idea. We managed to find a parking space in the crazy busy square that is Place Brugmann and then only had to wait for 15 minutes despite not having a reservation. Clearly it was a divinely inspired idea to go there.

We both went for tex-mex options since we’d done burgers the day before at the Irish pub (I know I know, our healthy diet got kinda put on hold this weekend), all washed down with dessert-in-a-glass banana milkshakes.

I loved it! The decor is pink, yellow and turquoise with vintage coca cola signs and pictures of curvy 60’s women on the wall. There’s proper chrome bar stools and even one of those fun barber signs that spins. The food was good too. I got the enchiladas and when they first arrived I though “that’s not very big” but then I started eating and realised I have only ever eaten enchiladas either a) in America or b) cooked by Americans, i.e. large portion sizes! This was actually the perfect amount and combined with the thick milkshake I definitely had no excuse to order dessert.

Which is frankly a shame since they have an exciting menu of ice cream sundaes and brownies. So although I can officially cross this one off the list, I am leaving it uncrossed-out in the hope that someone will take me back again for dessert before my birthday 🙂

(No photos sadly coz it was an impulse visit and we didn’t have a camera… the photo here is from the website)