two months

You might remember that when I turned 26 I wrote a list of 26 things to do before I turned 27. Lists seem to be all the rage all over lady-blog-land with women everywhere making lists of things to do before the next birthday or before they’re 30 or before they die. I sometimes worry that all these lists with huge plans and dreams will only encourage us to believe the lie that modern women can have it all – the husband, the family, the amazing (probably creative) career, the frequent travel to exotic locations, the widely read blog, a book published, the house always perfectly clean. I’m pretty sure that’s not possible.

But I’m also pretty sure we can do and achieve much more than we let ourselves believe. I think insecurity is a huge issue for women today, with too many giving up on dreams or plans because they think it’s beyond their reach. Me included.

I wrote that list ten months ago because I didn’t want this year to slip by and me to not feel I had achieved as much as I could have. I wanted to be intentional about living the life I want and pursuing my dreams one day at a time. I tried not to make the list unachievable but make it about the things I love, the things that make me feel happy and successful (in a way defined by me, not by other people).

So how am I doing, with less than two months to go?!

  1. Exercise twice a week at leastahem, well, it’s not quite happening but it’s not an 100% fail either…
  2. Learn how to make sushi – not done.
  3. Start painting/crafting again – not really done – it’s hard to find the time to fit this in, but it’s not really an excuse for not doing something I love (and as someone pointed out, I’d included it twice in my original list!)
  4. Buy a sewing machine and learn how to use it – not done. but I remember this nearly every day and plan to remedy it soon!
  5. Successfully grow something we can eatone chilli!
  6. Have a party at the beach – not done yet… maybe as a birthday trip?
  7. Find armchairs for our flatdone! kind of. We bought an armchair for our lounge that we both love – it’s only one but considering how few of the others I can cross off yet, I’m claiming this one as done.
  8. Finally go to that American diner in Brussels – not done. anyone want to make a date with me to go?
  9. Get some wedding photos printed – half done. I am about 75% through designing our album, just need to get it finished.
  10. Finish watching the Godfather trilogy – watched #1 and #2. Someone is going to have to bribe me to watch the last one though because I was so entirely depressed after finishing #2.
  11. Learn to be more naturally tidy at homecan I comment on this one? Rasmus? I think I’m better than I was…
  12. Visit the Ardennesdone! we took my parents on a day trip to Spa when they last visited…
  13. Drink champagne on “normal” days, just to celebrate being happydone. a number of times, the last time being on Saturday evening 🙂
  14. Make Flødeboller (marshmallow puff things) – hmm. not done. need to get on this.
  15. Finish reading one book a month:done (and in progress!) I am reading lots of books this year and I love it!
  16. Travel to a new countrydone! I’ve been to Hungary, Morocco and Luxembourg this year – all brand new countries! (And to Tuscany, not a new country but a new province…)
  17. Spend a day in a spa with a friend(s) – done! with Jen and my mum one wonderful day in September.
  18. Get good enough at Danish to have a proper adult conversation with Rasmus – done! I’m not exactly fluent but I’m good enough to have “secret” conversations that friends around can’t understand!
  19. Make ice creamdone. I made cherry ice cream. But still, once is not enough really. Need to get the machine out again and try some other flavours.
  20. Become good at making bread from scratchin progress. I’ve been making some but it’s quite a time consuming project…
  21. Organise my bookmarked/cut out recipes and cook thempart done. They are organised and one or two have been made – although there are so many I couldn’t possibly get through the whole lot by the end of the year!
  22. Write at least one hand written letter every weekpartly done. I don’t think I’ve been good enough to do every week but maybe every other week. (One lucky lady has something going in the post today…!)
  23. Keep getting to know the women at the asylum centre on our streetin progress. I love these women so much. They’ve gone through so much to get here that it seems a small effort to offer them friendship.
  24. Have a picnic at Villers Abbey – not done. Anyone want to plan one with me?
  25. Keep writing my blog regularly… doing better… 🙂


9 completed.

9 in progress or partly done.

7 not done.

Hmm, I better get busy – 56 days to go…