aunt sally

Aunt sally is not a relation of mine. In fact she’s not a person at all.

It’s the name of an old English pub game that is only played in Oxfordshire and some of the surrounding counties. But there it is taken very seriously, with pubs having teams who compete in a league against other local pubs, the results of which are all posted in the local newspaper.

My Dad is on the team for our local pub The Red Lion so of course we had to introduce this game to all the visiting Danes!

The general idea of the game is you throw a heavy wooden stick at the “sally” which is a kinda oval shaped thing balanced on top of a metal pole. You have to knock down the sally without hitting the pole. It’s actually pretty hard!

We had a practise round and then a game of English(speaking) .v. Danish. We won. But only by one point I think. We all pretty much sucked at the game… it’s so very hard!

This is my favourite photo from the game. Rasmus pose is perhaps valid considering the previous throw had landed amongst the spectators rather than anywhere close to the sally… 🙂