The evening before the big day, we were due to meet our vicar up at the church to do the service rehearsal.

Rasmus and I agreed to meet my dad and sis there, and drove off to the car wash quickly right before for a few minutes break and of course to ensure the car was sparkling clean when we drove away in it the next day.

We got back to the church at 5 and everyone from the house was there, minus my mum who was finishing up the cooking. or cleaning. or maybe it was just her ploy to get ten minutes break.

Our vicar introduced himself to our families and then asked me and my dad and sis to go out the church to practise coming in.

Which was the moment I looked at Jen and we both got hysterical giggles.

The kind you just can’t stop, even though it is meant to be a serious moment.

It didn’t help that I was giggling with Jen and we have been known to fall off our chairs from laughing so hard together.

I think I just suddenly realised it is happening TOMORROW. We are getting married tomorrow.

And it was insane and exciting and terrifying and wonderful.

Which is why I couldn’t stop laughing. Makes perfect sense, right?

Well half way down the practise-aisle, I got my laughter under control. The vicar skipped over the vows but had us practise the exchanging rings part.

And suddenly my fiancĂ©e is saying “I give you this ring as a sign of our marriage” and I know it is only a practise and it’s not real until tomorrow but it is so very intense and I can’t quite force my lungs to breathe.

Until Rasmus makes a popping noise as a pretend-slides the ring onto my finger…

And the whole practise-congregation collapses with laughter.